With Pokemon Go and other really popular games dominating sales, Minecraft may be getting less popular. But it’s still one of my favorites.

As everyone knows, in Minecraft you build a house, explore your world, fight monsters, and so much more. Minecraft is a simple game, and if you don’t understand it, just read one of the hundreds of guides that are out there. In other words, let’s just say that Minecraft is a really fun, simple game.

You can have lots of good or bad experiences with Minecraft. While building things and adventuring is always fun, remember that annoying enemies, lava, and steep cliffs make going outside perilous. But that’s what makes it all fun. As you gradually explore the infinite world around you, and mine deeper underground, more opportunities for grand (and dangerous) adventure appear. The option to travel into other dimensions to find loot is irresistible.

As you (might) know, the main goal of Minecraft is to find and defeat the Ender dragon. To do that you need to find a dungeon-like underground structure called a Stronghold. Inside a room in a Stronghold there is an Ender portal, and if you activate it you can travel to the the dimension that the Ender dragon lives in, the End.

Minecraft is really fun, and if you don’t have it you should get it. Minecraft is the best on the PC or Mac, but Minecraft is also good on Xbox 360, Xbox 1 or on Wii U. If none of those are available, get Minecraft on your phone. Try to get the one that costs $7 (or so), because that is better than  the free version.


3 thoughts on “Minecraft!

  1. Actually, Minecraft PE is my favourite of the Minecrafts. Yes, it doesn’t have the end, or as many mobs, but it does mean that you can play at school, or at the library, or at the park, or on an airplane….


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