Earth Taken Trilogy

Earth Taken Trilogy

In this one post, I’m going to try to review three games; Earth Taken, Earth Taken 2, and Earth Taken 3. WARNING: These posts may contain spoilers for the game. I recommend you read the review for the first game, then play it, then read the review for the second game, play it, and so on. All these games can be found at

1: Earth Taken: Imagine this: aliens have come to Earth. They have taken over the planet, and have changed Earth’s ecosystem to suit their needs, killing most of Earth’s animals. The air outside is toxic, so you need a gas mask. In Earth Taken, you start off as a lone survivor, armed only with a pistol, seeking an underground safehouse. Safehouses, or shelters, are scattered throughout the trilogy, and they give your character a chance to rest, and buy weapons, ammo and upgrades.SPOILER ALERT: In a chapter of Earth Taken, you learn that the government is evil and planing to nuke your city, and you must escape.

TIPS: In the chapter Last Call, make sure you have a flamethrower, as you will need it in a boss battle.

2: Earth Taken 2: In Earth Taken 2, you have managed to escape the nuke, but have no other place to go, so you head back to the city. The plot is basically the same as Earth Taken, where you just do missions for the good of the human race. Earth Taken 2 has a different, easier boss battle than Earth Taken, along with new weapons. Also, because of the nuke, radiation is  involved in your survival, as in if you get too much radiation, you will die.

TIPS: The M79 grenade launcher is a useful weapon, so if you can, buy it!

3: Earth Taken 3: In my opinion, Earth Taken 3 is by far the best of the Earth Taken trilogy. First of all, you create your own character, and you can explore places you’ve already visited. This might not sound awesome, but it really is. This new feature allows you to explore old areas and search for food and supplies, while also allowing you to explore new ones. If you’ve played the past two Earth Taken’s and you play Earth Taken 3, you’ll see what I mean.

Well, that’s the end of my review. Happy gaming!



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