Mobile Games–More of the same

Mobile Games–More of the same

Before reading this, I would like you to know that this is not a review, just purely opinion. I don’t want to offend anyone, I just want to speak my mind. (All links go to my reviews of those games)

Nowadays, mobile games are all the same: you probably build some sort of settlement,  engage in some sort of multiplayer online combat, and/or join online groups of other players. But probably the most common characteristic in mobile games is this: Wait times. Example: Clash of Clans, you wait for your troops to train, for your buildings to upgrade and build, to gain loot bonuses, etc. Another example: Clash Royale, where you wait for chests you earn to open, which take at least 3 hours. The list goes on and on.

Wait times are just plain annoying. Sometimes you are forced to turn the game off just because whatever is generating the wait time stops you from a key action that makes the game what it is. Usually there is a premium currency in the game, and it’s used to skip the wait times. These currencies usually are very hard to come by, but you can usually buy more of them by paying real money–actual dollars. I have gotten sick and tired of all of the wait times in the games that I play because who wants to take cash out of their wallet on a game they got for cheap? Not me. Now when I’m bored I usually don’t turn to games on my phone.

Mobile games need more originality. There are tons of Clash of Clans rip offs, only made by a different company and with a different theme. There are also those original games out there, such as Bounty Stars, but even some really original games such as Minecraft and The Trail have very minor wait times.

I would like to let all those programers from big mobile games companies know that I would definitely be more glued to the screen of my phone if games had a more original premise and no waiting.

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