The Best Games That I Played in 2016

2016 has come and gone. A year is a long time, but if you think back on it, where has all that time gone? But let me get back to my point. Here are my top 6 games from this year that I’ve played, form least to greatest. Each game has a link to a post I’ve made about it:

6: Earth Taken 3: I love the Earth Taken series. It’s one of those series where each game is better than the last. But with this one, with the mini games, sort-of open world, and more, I think it deserves to make this list.

5: Bounty Stars: Bounty Stars is good. I like the bounty hunting, crew, and ship fights but honestly it could be better in some ways. The story was pretty weak, you couldn’t really customize your crew in diverse ways, etc., but overall, I liked playing it.

4: Clash of Clans: Memories are made here. It is so unmistakably fun to build a base, raid other peoples’ bases, and participate in a clan. Clash on!

3: Clash Royale: I still love the fast paced, three minute battles in Clash Royale. Collecting cards is fun, participating in a guild is fun, and this whole game is fun, too.

2: Vainglory: Vainglory is really awesome. The battles, the heroes – almost everything rocks in this game.

1: Lego City Undercover: Lego City Undercover was a different Lego game, in a good way. The amazing vehicle chases, characters, open world, and story are just phenomenal.

It’s been a good gaming year, and I can’t wait to play more games in 2017.

Game on!

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