Clash of Clans (Mobile)

Clash of Clans (Mobile)

If you have a cell phone you have probably heard of Clash of Clans. You know, that game where you build your village, and then train an army and attack other people’s villages? Yeah, well, I downloaded that game after hearing about it from a friend. And it’s pretty great.

The main idea of Clash of Clans is simple. You build a virtual village, with defenses, resource collectors, and other things. The reason you need defenses is that other people can train an army to attack your base. Of course, you can do the same, if you want to. It is not necessary, although it has bonuses, as when you loot a base you get resources. Why do you need resources? To train your army, build new buildings, and upgrade existing buildings. All this might sound a little boring, but I can assure you it’s all fun and addicting. And what better way to have fun with your friends than to play Clash of Clans with them? That’s when the “clan” part of Clash of Clans comes in.

A clan is a group of players. These players can donate troops to each other, battle together, and chat. There are different “ranks” in the clans, and the players with higher ranks can send mail to other clan-mates, and promote other players. The top rank is “leader” which, as you can tell, is the leader of the clan. The leader alone can change the clan settings, such as the symbol of the clan, the description, and their war frequency. That “war” I just mentioned? It’s called a clan war. Two clans go against each other, attacking the opposite clan’s war villages, which are the villages used in clan wars. Supercell, the maker of Clash of Clans, obviously wanted Clash of Clans to be a huge multiplayer hit, and added lots of bonuses to joining a clan.

Clash of Clans is a really popular game. It has spawned some copycats that have some interesting features I think could really fit in with Clash of Clans, but when it comes to these games, the original is always the best.



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