Clash Royale (Mobile)

Clash Royale (Mobile)

Here I am, reviewing another hit game made by Supercell, the place that made Clash of Clans. I figured: Hey, if Clash of Clans was so good, why not try out this other hit multiplayer game that Supercell made? I had pretty high expectations, because this new game, Clash Royale, was on the leader board for top games. And I can say that Clash Royale totally lived up to my expectations.

Clash Royale is a digital fantasy card game where you select eight cards and then use them to battle other players. If you’re a fan of Clash of Clans (check out my review for Clash of Clans!), you’ll see some of the characters from it on cards. How do you collect cards? When you win battles, you will get a chest. These chests are different types: Silver chests, Gold chests, Magical chests, etc. Each of these chests have different amounts of cards and gold, and some guarantee certain types of rare cards.

About those rare cards, there are four different card rarities. The first rarity is common, and the name says it all. The second is rare, and these are more difficult to find. The third is epic, which are very rare, and the last is legendary, which are super rare to get and are really hard to find. The higher the rarity, the better the card is, usually. Cards can be upgraded. It doesn’t just cost gold, the in-game currency, but you also have to collect a certain amount of that card to upgrade it. This can be frustrating at times, especially when you have a great card you really want to upgrade, but just can’t find any other  of the same card.

I love the multiplayer battles in Clash Royale. Although you can only bring eight cards to battle, it is still action packed with quick thinking, and is always fun (unless you’re utterly crushed in the first thirty seconds)! After completing the tutorial, you progress to different arenas. These arenas are a way of grouping players with similar skills, so that when you start the game you don’t end up playing the best player in the world. When you win, you get some trophies, which are used to get to higher arenas. Getting to a new arena might sound really bad because you have to go against players with better skills, but the big benefit of getting to a new arena is that you get unlock new cards, so that when you get to a new arena you have some fresh new cards to play against experienced players. This may sound a bit complicated, but in the end it is all very simple.

But I think the best part of Clash Royale is playing with your friends. It is fair to say that Clash Royale is very popular, and people talk about it all the time. Similar to Clash of Clans, there is a system of clans. But I feel like being in clan in Clash Royale is even better than being in a clan in Clash of Clans. In Clash Royale clans, you can request cards, post game replays, and even do live friendly battles with your clan-mates. It is super fun.


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