Lego City Undercover

Lego City Undercover

Welcome to Lego City. You are a cop who just came back to Lego City from overseas, now with a new case. A criminal named Rex Fury has escaped from prison, and you will do anything, from stealing a giant emerald to interrogating someone with ice cream, to find him.

It’s hard to find faults in this Lego game. It’s definitely the best one I’ve played, and here’s why:

1: The script: The main character, Chase McCain, and various other characters make really funny and awesome comments. For example, when you “Accidentally” crash into someone’s car, you yell “I’ll come back and give you my insurance details later” or something like that.

2: The vehicles: You can drive almost anything, from a segway to a rocket-propelled snowplow, and every time driving feels awesome. Some vehicles have a nitro boost, and when you’re going fast enough you can do cool tricks. Since the driving feels so good, the car chases that are part of the story are awesome. The only problem with this is that usually you are restricted to driving because the other forms of transportation – boating or flying – aren’t as widely available. You can never usually find a boat, and you can only land flying vehicles in certain places.

3: The story: The story is actually interesting and funny, especially when you have to go undercover in a gang or something. On top of the main story missions, there are also side missions that give you an opportunity to arrest a small gang, take part in a car chase, or the like. The only problem with this, as with all Lego games, is that you can’t replay side missions once you finish them.

4: The open world: Although the open world for Lego City Undercover is only a handful of large and small islands, it is really fun to explore, unlike some other, smaller, open worlds.

Overall, this is a great game, and you should try to get it if you have the chance. The game’s story is really long, but worth it, and so is driving off a cliff during a car chase and surviving without a scratch.


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