Bounty Stars (Mobile)

Bounty Stars (Mobile)

Bounty Stars is a cool mobile game where you play as – you guessed it (or did you?) – a bounty hunter and his/her crew in a futuristic environment. You get to buy and upgrade new spaceships, hire crew members with powerful attacks and abilities, and more. Combat in Bounty Stars is an interesting system where you wait for a bar to fill up above your character’s head so you can attack.

In Bounty Stars, unless playing a special event, you play in the campaign. In the campaign, you go around to different sectors in the universe, looking for a wanted criminal. As you zoom around the sector, different events occur at almost every stop, which range from simply buying supplies to pirates invading your ship. On your map of the sector, there are different stops where you can collect evidence to pinpoint the exact location of the criminal you are hunting. Sectors range in difficulty, enemies, and rewards, but even if you travel to the same sector twice, the map will be different and so will the events. Another way you can play is through special events. Special events happen each day of the week, except on weekends. The daily events are called wormholes, which are used to get items to promote your crew. There is also another event that offers better rewards such as really good crew members.

Let me talk about your crew. You start out as a Captain of a weak crew, but as you progress through the game, you hire a better, stronger crew that will definitely help you in a pinch. Crew members have four different classes: Pilot, Mechanic, Medic, and Gunner. Each of these classes has different attacks, abilities, and skills. The rarer  the character the better stats they have. Depending on the class, characters have a certain skill. These skills can help you in situations, and each class has different skills. Sometimes, when on a hunt, an event occurs that requires one of your crew members to take action. The skills that each character has varies the outcome — characters with high skills have a high chance of succeeding in their situation. Once again, the rarer the character, the better skills, so for the best crew aim for the gold.

Now for the spaceships. Like the crew, spaceships have their own stats and abilities. Just like a good crew, a good spaceship is a necessity, because sometimes combat is in space with spaceships. You can also find spaceship blueprints to upgrade your ships.

Although Bounty Stars is a really good and addicting overall, it does have some flaws. Although the process for hunting a criminal is fun and random, it gets boring, because the same process is repeated over and over again.

Overall, Bounty Stars is a really fun mobile game, and definitely worth the download.


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