Splatoon is an awesome game. Although the only platform Splatoon is available on is the Wii U, and the fact that Splatoon isn’t as cheap as some other games (Splatoon costs about $50), overall I think Splatoon is worth it.

In Splatoon you play as an inkling, which is a  half-human half-squid. Inklings use ink-guns that come in various shapes and sizes to fight in epic battles against each other. So… yeah, Splatoon is a multiplayer-shooter.But it also comes with a mode called “Octo Valley” where you do single player levels that are good training for the epic online battles. In Octo Valley you can also earn blueprints for weapons by fighting bosses, so if you want new weapons, play Octo Valley. One last thing about Octo Valley is that in each level there is a hidden box containing a “Sunken scroll,” which help explain Splatoon’s in-game backstory.

Now that I’ve talked a lot about Octo Valley, I’ll talk about the online battles. These are the basics of Online battles: There are two teams that usually have 4 players in them, and each team has a different ink-color.There are four main modes in the online games that are divided into two groups. Those two groups are called Regular Battles and Ranked Battles. There’s just one type of battle in Regular battles, and that’s turf war. In turf war, you and your team try to paint the ground with your color ink color, and to paint over the other team’s color. If you encounter another player, usually a small fight occurs, because when a player dies, they buy time for the other team to paint the ground. Ranked battles, on the other hand, have 3 battle types: Tower control, Splat zones, and Rainmaker. Ranked battles still are 4v4 matches, but are 5 minutes long instead of 3. The first, Tower control, is a mode where both teams are trying to “ride” a small tower by climbing on top of it and to bring it to a certain area, in which the team that does so wins. If either team doesn’t manage to get the tower to that area, the game is decided by which team got the tower closest to the area. Splat zones(my personal favorite), is a mode where you try to paint a certain area, and make sure that  area isn’t painted by the other team. Once you paint a zone, a timer at the top of your screen starts counting down from 100. Whichever team’s timer hits 0 first wins. If neither team’s timer runs out, the battle is judged by whichever team got the closest to zero. Finally, the game mode Rainmaker is where you try to get a super weapon called the rainmaker to a certain area near the other team’s spawn point. If neither team gets the rainmaker there, the game is judged by which team gets the rainmaker the closest. If want more info, in the lobby for battles, there is an option to learn more about a game mode.

There is so much more to Splatoon, although writing it all in this one post would take a while. So if you  want to know more about Splatoon or want tips, just comment!

Happy gaming!

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