First off: Phoenotopia

First off: Phoenotopia

The first game I’m going to talk about is this game called Phoenotopia. You’ve probably never heard of it. Phoenotopia is one of my favorites, because it has puzzles, action, and adventure!

How to find Phoenotopia: Simplest way to do it: If you have a computer(PC or Mac, it doesn’t matter), go to and type in Phoenotopia in the search bar in the top left corner. There will be an ad, but the great game behind it is worth it. If you have extra time, look around, because it has some other cool games.

Summary: Phoenotopia is a simple 2D game where you control a girl with pink hair. The game starts when you go look for your brother, when a startling twist occurs, which sends you on a quest for answers. On the way you meet some friends, old and new, and do multiple side quests for some spending money.

Tips: Remember to bring tons of food into boss battles, and always try to buy the newest weapons, armor, and items in the game!

Here’s a link to the game:

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